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my money mastery
Our story

Learn about our journey to becoming Australia's leading platform for financial education.

High standards, responsiveness, and qualified services are the three underlying principles of work.

the founder

Meet our founder -

Prashant Nand

Australia's No. 1

family wealth creator.

With years of

experience and a

passion for empowering others,

Prashant is

a trusted name in

the financial world.

prashant nand
Year of Experience
Meet the Team

Meet the
dedicated team
behind My
Money Mastery, committed to
helping you achieve financial success.

Our Philosophy on Money Mastery

Understand our approach to money management, centred around empowerment, education, and long-term financial health.

To run your business successfully, be the first to know about all tax changes and innovations. Read tax news & professional articles from our experts.

Every day we post new articles covering state, local, and international taxation. Have a question about the article?  Leave a comment.

Master your money and achieve financial freedom at your own pace, in your own terms.

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