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Learn about the different types of debt and strategies to manage and reduce them. Understand the concept of credit scores and their impact on your financial health.
Module 1: Understanding Debt
  • Topic 1.1: What is Debt?
  • Topic 1.2: The Role of Debt in Personal Finance
  • Topic 1.3: Different Types of Debt (e.g., Credit Card, Mortgage, Student Loan)
Module 2: Managing Debt
  • Topic 2.1: Strategies for Managing Existing Debt
  • Topic 2.2: Debt Repayment Methods (Snowball vs Avalanche)
  • Topic 2.3: Debt Consolidation and Refinancing Options
  • Topic 2.4: How to Deal with Debt Collectors
Module 3: Reducing Debt
  • Topic 3.1: Creating a Debt Reduction Plan
  • Topic 3.2: Setting Realistic Debt Reduction Goals
  • Topic 3.3: Tips for Reducing Debt Faster
Module 4: Understanding Credit Scores
  • Topic 4.1: What is a Credit Score?
  • Topic 4.2: Factors That Influence Your Credit Score
  • Topic 4.3: How to Check Your Credit Score
Module 5: Improving Your Credit Health
  • Topic 5.1: The Impact of Debt on Your Credit Health
  • Topic 5.2: Strategies for Improving Your Credit Score
  • Topic 5.3: Maintaining Good Credit Health

Each module in this course will be supplemented with practical exercises, illustrative examples, and quizzes that ensure an in-depth understanding of the topic. By the end of this course, you should be able to understand the nature and types of debt, manage and reduce your debt, comprehend the concept of credit scores, and know how to improve and maintain your credit health.

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