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Familiarise yourself with Australia’s superannuation system and its role in your retirement planning. Learn how to maximise your super contributions and plan for a financially secure retirement.
Module 1: Introduction to Superannuation
  • Topic 1.1: Understanding Superannuation
  • Topic 1.2: The Role of Superannuation in Australia’s Economy
  • Topic 1.3: Superannuation vs Other Investment Options
Module 2: Australia’s Superannuation System
  • Topic 2.1: Overview of Australia’s Superannuation System
  • Topic 2.2: Understanding the Super Guarantee
  • Topic 2.3: Types of Super Funds (Industry, Retail, Self-Managed)
Module 3: Maximising Super Contributions
  • Topic 3.1: How to Make Super Contributions
  • Topic 3.2: Contribution Limits and Tax Implications
  • Topic 3.3: Strategies for Maximising Your Super Contributions
Module 4: Planning for Retirement
  • Topic 4.1: Setting Retirement Goals
  • Topic 4.2: How Much Super You Need for Retirement
  • Topic 4.3: Transitioning to Retirement
Module 5: Managing Your Super in Retirement
  • Topic 5.1: Accessing Your Super in Retirement
  • Topic 5.2: Pension Options for Retirees
  • Topic 5.3: Estate Planning and Superannuation

Each module will be supplemented with practical exercises, case studies, and quizzes to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the subject. By the end of this course, you should have a solid understanding of Australia’s superannuation system, how to maximise your super contributions, and how to plan effectively for a financially secure retirement.

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